Two roads diverged in a wood
and sorry I could not Tango both,
and be one dancer, long I stood.

Not ready to choose,
I paid the price to stay.
Pretending I didn’t want what I wanted,
I denied the ache and
stitched together a life of silver linings.

An unforeseen fork in the road, and I crashed into a tree.
Thrown from my life, I was ejected from a comfort zone
that was too small. Too tight.
A comfort that made it hard to breathe.

When I recovered, I realized this was no accident.
The collision dislodged desires I had been swallowing,
over and over again,
until I didn’t even know I was choking.

It’s not the desire to pull something to me,
but the desire to let something out of me.

The desire of being…
I want to be
who I have been waiting my whole life to be.

The desire of allowing…
instead of dimming,
I will ignite the flames of potential burning inside of me.

The desire of truth…
what I am most afraid of,
I already am.

At the point of impact, the accident, the life-saving gift,
I stand on shaky legs.
I see a boardwalk winding through the trees.
A shimmer of a man, a woman, a red dress.

This is my soul power.
I see the shimmer as real as the boardwalk,
the vision as solid as the visible,
the intangible as tactile as the tangible.

Two roads diverged in a wood
and I will take the one less Tango’d.
And that, I believe,
will make all the difference.