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The Wisdom of Women - Deborah Monk

The Wisdom of Women

10 Decades. 10 Women. 5 Questions.

The Wisdom of Women is a battle cry that aging is not simply the passage of time, but rather an opportunity to embrace both the gift and the burden of being female. Conversations with ten remarkable women, ranging in age from 10 to 104, weave together the unique threads of wisdom acquired during different decades of a woman’s life.

The Wizard of MenopOz - Deborah Monk

The Wizard of MenopOz

Once upon a time Dorothy clicked her heels and discovered there was no place like home. Now, middle-aged, she’s looking for a new kind of happily ever after. With the help of her new friend, the Blooming Fairy, she travels to the enchanted land of MenopOz where she rediscovers her sparkle and remembers that she has the power to create the life she imagines.

Learn the lessons of midlife in the fun fairytale for adults, inspired by the Wizard of Oz.

Storytime for Grown-Up Women and the girls who will become them

Storytime for Grown-Up Women

and the girls who will become them

This is a collection of six short stories about life, loss, and love. These stories remind us of a woman’s ability to transform and her courage to become more deeply, more fully, true to herself.

Wings and a Tail: Can I recover the magic of my inner child?
The Dancing Acorn: Who do I want to be?
The Lost Lamb: Can I find the courage to follow my own heart and path?
Un•Becoming: Can I find the strength to transform?
The Lovebird’s Empty Nest: Who can I love now that I’m all alone?
Re•Uniting: Can I find a way to reconnect with my higher self?

Praise for “Storytime”

“Inspiring stories that will touch and transform your heart.”
  ~Marci Shimoff, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Magical realism meets personal truth.”
  ~Lisa Tener, Award-Winning Book-Writing and Publishing Coach

“Deborah Monk has a way of taking you on a magic carpet ride of life lessons and stresses. Her book will make you feel like a carefree child when it comes to figuring out life’s big crossroads of learning.”
  ~Shelly Devlin, author of As the Chair Turns

Well-Behaved Woman Coming Undone

On her fortieth birthday, Jodi is an emotional time bomb waiting for the results of an unexpected pregnancy test. As the daughter of an alcoholic, she is all about control and doing everything right. Repression and denial have created her Happily Ever After.

Except now she is forced to face that she isn’t as happy as she pretends to be.

Terrified of becoming like her mother, Jodi must find the courage to unravel family secrets to discover her own truth. As old behaviors threaten to resurface, fining the strength to peel back the bandages of generational wounds just might reveal her deepest fears.

Will she have the guts to cleanse the wounds before she passes them on to her teenage daughter? Or will the legacy of family pain continue?

Searching for Julia Stone

The hardest truth to face is the one inside… Throughout her life, Julia Stone has used her passion for dancing as a communication between her body and soul to express her feelings about life and her place in the scheme of things.

But what happens when you lose touch with the one thing that once made you whole? To everyone who knew her, Julia Stone appears to live the picture-perfect life. She owns a successful dance studio, enjoys the love of a much younger and sexy man, and bursts with pride over her beautiful teenage daughter. But inside Julia is falling apart.

Hiding a terrible secret and fighting self-hatred, Julia faces a huge personal crisis. Can she overcome the demons from her past, forgive herself and save the important relationship of her life? Or will her painful secret rip her world apart? Searching for Julia Stone chronicles Julia’s search for the answers to these questions, and her coming to terms with who she was, who she is, and who she hopes to become.

Praise for Searching for Julia Stone:

“Searching For Julia Stone carries its funny, frenzied heroine from despair to serenity as she learns to dance the song in her heart Julia’s dance is at times hilarious, at times heartbreaking, but always enthralling. Sharing her journey is a privilege and a joy.”

—Judith Arnold, bestselling author of Safe Harbor